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The prince of fruit kingdom has fallen in love with princess of enemy state,he knows his father will not allow he married her,so He decided to elope with princess.The king felt very angry when he knowed that,he sent guard to catch them back,and set a variety of traps and barriers alone the way.Fortunately,prince and princess have a amazing ability which turn into different form by eat fruit.They can eat green apple when they need to climb a tree,they can eat blueberry when they need to cross the river……As long as make good use of this ability,they can pass through many difficulties and challenges.

Instructions:Use arrow key to move prince,use wasd key to move princess.Eat a fruit to get different power,apple can climb timbo and jump on grassland,orange can move in metal block,potato can move in earthy block,strawberry can cross flame,blueberry can cross river,all fruits can kill enemy whose color is corresponding.Collect all coin and get cabin to finish level.

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