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Once upon a time there was a small village that is home to a very raw sweet potato of the primitive people, they grew up has been eating sweet potato, so they have a kind of ordinary people than the ability, that is to use the fart will push them in the sky, one day, they found his village security and woo a totem of their missing, and decided to let two fart fly the farthest people, Jack and Tony, to find the totem of the whereabouts. So Jack and Tony began a long search for God's bone...... On the road to beware of traps, beasts and the man, the use of their own skills and some organs, props to get back all the totem.


Jack:A, W, D to move;

Tony:←, ↑, → to move;

Fart rhythm, also can let them stay in the air, which have certain skills,I wish you good luck!

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Fart King Brother 2

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